Fees and Payment Methods

When you arrive, you'll see Dr. McKinlay, who will examine your mouth and explain what he sees and your treatment options.  Patients often have questions once they know all their options, and Dr. McKinlay is happy to answer them until the patient is comfortable moving forward.  Once you've agreed on a course of treatment, payment is due. To keep our prices low, we accept cash only. 


Timing of Service

If you know you need teeth extracted and are also anticipating a new partial or denture, we encourage you to arrive by 7:30 AM.  This treatment takes the most time and will keep our office busy until your denture is ready that afternoon.  For patients needing only dentures or partials, we also encourage an early arrival time, as this is a time-intensive process as well.  Plan on being available throughout the day for short appointments as needed for your specific case.  We will schedule these appointments with you.

Mid-morning is generally when we see patients for emergency extractions or previously-scheduled adjustments.  For extraction cases, our ability to provide immediate care is dependent on your medical history, current prescriptions, and case complexity.  If our daily schedule will allow, we plan on taking an out-of-office lunch from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM. 

From 12:30 onward, we see our patients again for completion of their treatment. Please note that the sequence you are seen in the morning may not be the same sequence as the afternoon.  This is because some cases take longer to prepare than others. 


If you haven't filled out our medical history form beforehand, you will be given this and other forms upon arrival.  We want patients to receive great care and understand what we they can expect up-front. Patients generally appreciate this.


Impressions for same-day service are done at your consultation visit in the morning.  This gives our lab the time needed to work on your denture throughout the day.  If you currently have dentures, please bring them with you, as this often helps with the impression process. If same-day service isn't necessary, we can perform consults and impressions at whenever in the day is most convenient for you. 

Denture Preview Appointment

In many cases, Dr. McKinlay is able to pause in the denture making process for a preview with the patient. This is the point when your denture teeth will be set in wax, instead of in final acrylic.  Although this trial version is quite bulky in the mouth and not very secure, it still lets him verify the esthetics and function.  Any changes that need to be made can be done at this time.  While in the chair, you'll be able to see your teeth in a mirror and be a part of this evaluation process. 

Extensive Surgery

If your treatment involves several extractions, Dr. McKinlay will likely advise that you have someone with you to provide after-care monitoring and transportation.  If medications were prescribed at your initial consult, it's recommended that these be filled before returning for your procedure. 

Follow-up Appointments

Whatever your treatment involves, it may be necessary to see Dr. McKinlay for follow-up care. This may include adjustments to your new denture, soft re-lines, checking extraction sites, etc. These visits are done by appointment.  Dr. McKinlay's clinic staff will make sure you are scheduled for any routine after-care. For other appointments, please call and schedule with us as needed.